Global Hispanic Company - Hispanic global scammers, harrassers and so rude

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These people are just pathetic, I ordered something from them back in july n they are still calling me all day n night from all different states to harras me for there own stupidity, I ordered the product and then looked at all the reviews and how horrible they were..everyone was saying how they lost thier money after being promised a refund if it didnt fit or wasn't right and they never got thier money back, product was always the wrong thing or didnt with so many negative comments I called them n told them I wouldn't except the product without something being emailed to me on letterhead confirming that they would refund me if my order was incorrect..they guaranteed they would send it but they didnt send the email..only the package thru fed ex so I didnt except they call at all times of the day, even at 11pm n they are saying apolice officer will be coming to serve me n that I have to go to court n pay like $600 for somethinga that was $180, I even pick up sometimes to curse them out n set them straight but they actually hang up..they only leave nasty messages causing me to get very nervous n with my high blood pressure problems if something happens to me I want every one to know that it is due to the stalkers at HISPANIC GLOBAL name is Katherine Espinosa and I will also be reporting them to the better business bureau

Review about: Lost Weigt Fajas.

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